Are Telecom Jobs Seeing Real Growth?

IT Job Report For July 2013

For a time, telecommunications jobs have been clawing their way out of year-over-year declines, but now they’re showing signs of actual growth. For the past three consecutive months, jobs in the industry have posted year-over-year increases.

Admittedly, those increases are small but they’re adding up to a trend. In July, jobs in the sector rose by 0.2 percent. In June, they were flat — but not in negative territory. In May, the jobs inched up by 0.1 percent from the previous year.

Economists attribute the improvements to the insatiable appetite for data by both domestic and foreign users. That, in turn, is prompting carriers to enlarge the footprint of their networks and enhance their infrastructures. Meanwhile, projected growth in satellite telecommunications could add more jobs over the next five years.

According to a research report released last month by IBISWorld:

Despite volatile revenue growth during the past five years, the satellite telecommunications providers industry will likely experience stable and strong demand in the next five years. Since 2007, development of the direct-to-home TV market, expansion of broadband internet services and advances in digital technology have driven demand. Revenue will likely continue growing during the five years to 2018 as tight lending conditions ease and new high throughput satellites are set to be launched.

Overall, technology jobs grew 2.5 percent in July, to nearly 14.5 million, compared to July 2012. That’s slightly down from the 2.6 percent annual growth seen during each of the last three months. Management and technical consulting jobs saw the most growth, as they have each month since the start of the year.