How to Get a Job at Travel Site Tripobox

Having just launched the beta-version of its collaborative travel marketplace, which is designed to simplify the planning of group trips from early research to completed payments, Tripobox is seeking a few good developers. While Tripobox’s IT team is currently based in Barcelona, it’s working to build a core team in its Sunnyvale office, as well, with hiring expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Tripobox LogoThe company’s innovative online platform facilitates social interaction among fellow travelers, as well as between the travelers and their hotels, restaurants and activities. It’s a unique product and its ease of use and social network components make it stand out in the crowded online travel field. It’s a start-up with a promising future and a lot of room to grow. The IT department is currently eight people and they’re looking for more.

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We talked to CEO Marco Toscano to find out how the right people can land a job, either in Sunnyvale, or in sunny Barcelona (Spanish fluency is a given).

How to Reach Out

“We prefer to be contacted through social media,” he says. The company’s on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It uses headhunters and online job platforms for recruitment as well.

Navigating The Company’s Job Postings

Right now, Tripobox is looking for three back-end developers and one front-end developer specializing in UI and UX work. For the front end it requires expertise in HTML, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript/jQuery. For the back end, it needs skills in Ruby on Rails, Github and Ajax/Javascript/jQuery. “If you want to get our attention, you’ll use the buzzwords and have the background that goes with them,” says Toscano. “The ones that appeal to us include travel, collaboration, start-up and motivation 

The Interview Process

First thing, send your portfolio/Github account to Toscano. If they like it, you’ll be invited to a phone/video interview, which focuses primarily on soft skills. If that meeting goes well, you’ll get a case study with a technical problem to solve. “For a front-end developer, it’s a design case to solve in HTML, CSS. The back-end developer gets to code a mini application from scratch,” explains Toscano. “If they successfully complete these tasks, we’ll invite them for a final phone/video or personal meeting, which is focused on their technical skill set.”

Familiarity with the company and its product is a requirement. If you don’t know about Tripobox and its product, you’ll be, in Toscano’s words, “an absolute no-go.”

What Makes a Good Fit

The company likes open minded extroverts with excellent social skills. Spanish speakers must have English fluency, and vice versa. Also, team members must be thoroughly motivated with an ability to bring their creativity to the table, Toscano says. “Because we’re a travel site, a passion for international travel and a healthy respect and understanding of other cultures is critical.”

Advice for Seasoned Professionals

Says Toscano: “Are you a Ruby on Rails ninja? If so and this sounds interesting, feel free to contact us!”

Advice for New Graduates

If you’ve got the skills Tripobox is looking for and you’re thinking about opportunities over the long term, don’t be afraid to get in touch.

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