Creating the Building Blocks for Your Job Hunt

Online coding school Treehouse, which recently launched a new class on how to build a startup, has decided to take a step back. Its latest course, called Career Foundations, starts with the basics of getting a job as a designer or programmer.

Treehouse logoThe website offers online instruction in a range of popular skills including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS development. Nick Gidwani, Founder of online education venture SkilledUp, which helps people find online classes, has recommended it as the site to learn design, front-end development and UX.

The new class is part of Treehouse’s drive to get students job-ready, says Dan Gorgone, one of the course teachers. Before joining Treehouse, Gorgone taught Web design and usability at Full Sail University in Florida. This video provides a course preview.

“In addition to the skills we can teach them, we also want to give them an idea of what it takes to get a job in the industry,” Gorgone said. “But a lot of this is not something you can teach; you have to experience first-hand.”

The course focuses on conducting an initial self-assessment, how to network, how to create and maintain a personal brand and how to interview. The initial introspection is particularly important, Gorgone says, to help you avoid simply applying for everything. Pinning down exactly what you’re passionate about will help you communicate that to others and purposefully demonstrate it through your work.

As for personal branding, the course encourages students to “take that extra step,” Gorgone says. Simply having a blog or your own domain name isn’t enough – you have to use it. “Getting your own site together, blogging about what you know — you can even establish yourself as a trusted authority if you have some experience and some expertise,” he explains. “You could even go so far as to do speaking and things like that. But for those just starting out, it’s giving them an idea of the initial steps they need to take.”

Treehouse operates on a subscription model that starts at $25 monthly, or $250 annually.

2 Responses to “Creating the Building Blocks for Your Job Hunt”

  1. Nightcrawler

    For those who can afford to pay the “tuition,” this might not be the worst idea in the world. In my experience, many universities do little or nothing to help students prepare for the work world, which is completely different than academia.