Why Soft Skills Give New Graduates an Edge

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ChartInterpersonal skills – those so-called “soft skills” that tech professionals deride so much – continue to be an important consideration when employers make their hiring decisions. However, more than half of the CIOs surveyed by recruiter Robert Half Technology say these abilities are the biggest thing lacking among new graduates.

In particular, the CIOs want to see more skills applied to communicating, collaborating and acting diplomatically when it’s necessary. Hiring managers place a lot of value in the ability to meet deadlines, work well with customers and colleagues, and develop compromises when they’re necessary.

None of this means your technical skills aren’t critical. They are. But considering that more than 25 percent of tech executives don’t believe entry-level workers can hit the ground running in the first place, understanding how to deal with others can go a long way toward setting yourself apart.


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