Watch a Sony Entertainment Recruiter in Action

Recent college graduate Jason Lee wants to leverage his Computer Science degree into a job in games. But as his graduation from UC Irvine approached, he’d landed only a handful of interviews.

At 2013’s E3, we arranged for Lee to sit down with Marcus Walton, Engineering Recruiter for Sony Computer Entertainment America. For Lee, who wants to specialize in algorithms and the human interaction portion of computer vision, what was meant to be a practice interview for our camera took a surprising turn: It turned into a real interview.

Take a look at the conversation and Jason’s and Marcus’s postmortem assessments and feedback.

Although Lee impressed Walton enough to move his resume forward to a research and development hiring manager, the Sony recruiter offered up some suggestions on how Lee could improve his technique. Lee seemed nervous during the interview, Walton observed, but added that wouldn’t be too much of a negative. Most recruiters, he said, will understand that Lee is starting out and isn’t used to the job-search process.

Although some seekers practice interviews with family and friends, Walton cautions against that approach. The result can be a candidate who sounds too rehearsed and too polished. That means the interviewer may not get a true sense of how the person would act in the real work environment.

On the other hand, practicing for whiteboard tests can be a good idea. Some career advisors recommend getting the brain geared up for these technical tests even before your initial screening interview. That way, you’ll be prepared for any curve balls that are thrown your way.

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