This Week’s Most Popular Stories

For your reading pleasure, here are the stories most read by your fellow Dice users this week.

  • U.S. VisaH-1B Reform Might Bring Unintended Consequences: The Senate’s immigration reform bill would impose higher costs to obtain H-1B visas and raise the required wages of visa-holders – moves that could have an effect opposite of what the measure’s Gang of Eight authors intended. Employers and analysts say that rather than protect U.S. workers, the proposal could lead to more work being sent offshore.
  • IT Employment Accelerates: IT employment jumped 5.43 percent year-over-year in May, nearly twice the rate seen in 2012, according to TechServe Alliance’s IT Employment Index. During the month, the number of technology jobs rose to 4.45 million, compared with 4.22 million in May 2012. Between 2011 and 2012, the index rose just 2.82 percent.
  • Women in Technology: Pain and Potential: This month, we present a special report on Women in Technology – the challenges they face, the efforts to increase their presence in the workforce, and their points of view.
  • Why Android Developers Ignore Recruiters: Android developers are in sharp demand. How much demand? Some report receiving as many as a dozen job opportunities in a given month. While you’d think recruiters would be at the top of their game when talking to such popular people, Android developers say many times their approaches fall flat.
  • Delving into IBM’s Layoff Numbers: When you don’t know which departments will be hit with a layoff, look at the revenue-light or money-losing divisions.