How to Get a Job at CompuCom

Although Dallas-based IT outsourcing company CompuCom recently announced that it would add 200 jobs in Louisville, Ky., over the next two years, its long-term plans are much broader.

CompuCom LogoCompuCom hires for both full-time and contract IT positions across the U.S., providing services for Fortune 1,000 clients. It has more than 11,500 employees worldwide. In 2012, it generated $2.3 billion of gross revenue.

“We have ongoing [hiring] needs,” according to Jill Welch, Vice President and General Manager of Talent Acquisition. “We hire full-time associates to work throughout the United States, many of those at our corporate locations, but many of them work on-site at our client locations. They have outsourced certain components of their infrastructure to CompuCom. In addition, we have an IT Workforce Solutions (IWS) group, which hires contract associates to work at various Fortune 1,000 client sites.”

On an ongoing basis, CompuCom’s looking for full-timers to fill positions including service-desk associates, network engineers and Windows consultants, as well as high-level cloud and solutions architects. On the IWS side, clients need contractors strong in Java, mobile development, Android development, Ruby on Rails, cloud computing, UI-UX design and .NET development.

One of the company’s recent projects was to update the technology at 7,000 Walgreens stores, where its ability to provide staff at multiple locations nationwide was a priority.

On Standing Out

When approaching CompuCom, “Be honest about your capabilities. Don’t overstate,” Welch says. “We are looking for the ability to communicate and professionalism is important, but I think the most important thing is passion for technology and customer service. We’re in the business of servicing our clients, so we need people who have that customer-service orientation and a passion for doing that.”

About CompuCom’s Job Postings

Jobs are posted in real time, as soon as they’re approved. “So the jobs are real,” Welch says. “We’re looking for people to fill those jobs immediately.” Each posting lists a number of requirements, but some of them may be more “nice to have” than required. “If [you] fit the majority of them, [then you] should apply for the position.”

Advice for Experienced Professionals

With its variety of projects, some of CompuCom’s employees work is very high level. The company lists among its specialties IT infrastructure services, Green Belt in Six Sigma, ITIL V3, application services and cloud computing.

The company is looking for people whose passion for technology and customer service comes through in an interview. “[We’re looking for] examples where people have gone above and beyond, areas where they’ve contributed,” Welch explains. “For the interview process, focus on what you have done – what you’ve made, saved, achieved.”

Advice for College Graduates

“Once you’re in a role, master that skill,” Welch says. “Try to learn and grow as much as possible. Achieve as much as you can in that position before looking for a new job or new role within the company. Look for areas where you can contribute, areas where you can be recognized and go above and beyond.”

Before interviews, Welch advises checking your social media sites for anything that might jeopardize your chances. Also, be sure to do your research. “We look for candidates to do their due diligence on CompuCom,” Welch says. “Bring questions to the interview beyond the ‘What’s in it for me?’ We want to know that they want to work for CompuCom, not that they’re just trying to get their foot in the door.”

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  1. john mac

    Interviewing through email with this company. They ask question but dont seam to answer any. I am beginning to think they are smoke screen in terms of work place friendly.