Telecommunications Employment Claws Its Way Higher

Tech Job Growth - May 2013

The number of tech jobs overall expanded by 2.6 percent in May, maintaining the pace set in April and showing hints of new hiring in several sectors that have been suffering from a contracting employment market.

For example, the number of jobs in telecommunications rose by 0.1 percent year on year, modest to be sure but an improvement over April’s decline of 0.6 percent and January’s drop of 1.6 percent. Driving the improvement was the continued, insatiable appetite for data, which is leading carriers to expand their networks’ footprints and otherwise bulk up their infrastructures.

The news wasn’t so good for those working in semiconductors, where the number of jobs dropped by 1.8 percent. That follows an annual decline of 1.3 percent in April. The numbers are indicative of 2012’s 2.2 percent drop in worldwide semiconductor revenues and weak demand in the PC market.

Ironically, employment in computers and peripheral equipment showed a 2 percent year-on-year increase compared to April’s 1.4 percent rise. Some analysts predict the production of computers and peripherals will increase by 4 percent this year as the economy picks up steam in the second half. As a result, job growth in this sector, as well as in the semiconductor industry, could strengthen as the year goes on.