Vine Branches Out to Android

Vine is offering its popular video mobile app on Android, branching out from its iOS base where it’s grown from 13 million users in a year.

Vine LogoVine, which made the announcement Monday, has not only gained traction since Twitter acquired it in October – five months after it was founded by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov, but it’s hitting the sweetspot of pre-teens.

With Vine, Twitter is able to reach into the mindset of tweens, a group who tend to be less apt to use the social media messaging service. Although the video posts can only run up to 6 second long on Vine, it’s apparently enough and an easier task for on-the-go-go-go tweens and teens than loading their videos onto a YouTube account, which can accommodate a much longer video.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube posted declining interest among 5,200 teens surveyed in the spring, compared to a year ago in a Piper Jaffray report, cited by TechCrunch. But Vine, while not listed as part of the official survey, was noted by teens as one of their favorite social media tools in the report.

Vine, which allows users to see what video posts are trending or find and share their videos with friends, soared to the No. 1 spot for free apps  in the AppStore on the day it went live in Apple’s app shopping mecca, noted Gooply. Vine also allows users to share their videos on Twitter and Facebook.

With its launch on Google Play, it’ll be interesting to see whether Vine has a repeat performance on the Android app site.

Tangled Vine?

Vine is offering its video app to Android users running 4.0 or higher on their smartphone or mobile device, and it touts improved capabilities like zoom and offline browsing.

But, the Android and iOS versions are not perfectly in sync, nor does it offer such features as front-facing camera, search, mentions or hashtags. Another bummer is the inability to share video posts on Facebook.

That said, the folks at Vine say they expect to resolve the syncing issue soon and in the coming weeks updates will be on their way to address these missing features.

In the meantime, a warning to parents of Android-toting tweens – don’t be caught snoring or drooling during a nap. You may find yourself on Vine…