4 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble When You’re Multitasking

Ever face an obnoxious co-worker texting during your killer presentation on your latest deep-dive data analysis? You’re likely not alone.

It turns out that 64 percent of CIOs are encountering breaches in workplace etiquette because of cellphones, tablets and other mobile multitasking-enabling devices, up from 51 percent three years ago.

Workplace Etiquette

The numbers come from Robert Half Technology. Though they make use more productive, mobile devices can also be a “round-the-clock distraction,” observed John Reed, a senior executive director with Robert Half Technology, in a statement.

We kind of feel like we shouldn’t have to share RHT’s tips on avoiding problems with your co-workers – not to mention, managers – but with so many people answering so much email during meetings, we guess we should.

  • Avoid surfing the Internet while talking. Peering at your email during a conversation or presentation is downright rude.
  • Leave voicemails that are to-the-point. Don’t be long-winded.
  • Choose your communications medium carefully. Delicate discussions are better over the phone. A quick answer can be handled via IM.
  • Avoid multi-tasking to the extreme. Resist the temptation to check your emails, your social media status and text messages during meetings.

Or, you could go to a real extreme, and turn your devices off entirely when you’re in a meeting.

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