BlackBerry Unveils 4-Year Women’s STEM Scholarship

BlackBerry rolled out a “BlackBerry Scholars Program,” which the company describes as a first step in a global initiative to encourage more women to pursue STEM careers.

The announcement was made at the BlackBerry Live event in Orlando, by Alicia Keys, who’s the company’s global creative director when she’s not in concert and recording albums.

The program will provide full, four-year scholarships to “outstanding women” interested in technology careers, particularly in mobile. Says BlackBerry: “This scholarship program is the first step in BlackBerry’s long-term commitment and multi-tiered strategy to engage young women at every step of their education from high school to college, and as they rise through the workforce.”

In addition to the scholarship itself, the company will provide mentors and professional opportunities for each of the program’s participants. The scholars, as BlackBerry calls them, will be selected based on academic performance and interest in mobile computing.

The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. EDT on June 26. Details can be found here.