7 Stories to Read Before You Jump to a Startup

People who’ve never worked in the startup world often think of it romantically. All that freedom and flexibility, not to mention the potential payoff, sound a lot better than coding according to your boss’s mood that day.

Startup Office - Photo: Generation Y StartupBut new companies aren’t all glamour and new technology. All-nighters get old, as does low pay, and sometimes the ups and downs of getting a business off the ground are as harrowing as flying through a thunderstorm.

Nowadays, when “job security” seems something like an oxymoron, startups may appeal to more people than they have in the past. For many, starting or working at a new company can be the perfect move. The important thing is to know what you’re getting into. To help, here are seven of our favorite stories on new businesses, their challenges, and their rewards.

One Response to “7 Stories to Read Before You Jump to a Startup”

  1. I worked for a “startup”. New technology making Ethanol from sawdust. Job lasted 6 weeks then they lost their funding. Now I’m back in the unemployment line.

    Startups…? nah, I’ll pass.