Things to Come: Technology Jobs in 2018

In technology, the need for specific skills rises and falls for a number of reasons, some simple and others complex. And while it’s never easy to predict the future, you can get a sense of who’ll be in need and who should take a hard look at their career path by studying trends, talking to industry leaders and analysts, and asking tech professionals where they see things heading. We did just that, and the result is this package of stories that examines how technology and business will evolve over the next five years, and describes how it will impact your career.

The 5 Top Tech Jobs of 2018

2018 Tech Jobs Special ReportFour areas will beat the path toward how technology jobs will look five years from now: the cloud, mobility, employees’ demand to do company work on their personal devices (BYOD), and smart computing. Between now and 2018, Corporate America will rely even more on these areas than it does now because, as one observer says, “Technology is seen as a key enabler of innovation, and innovation is a key business priority.” continue…

Tech Trends Hint at New Opportunities

As technology becomes baked into the very center of everything from how businesses operate to the most basic ways people live their lives, the term “digital” creeps more toward obsolescence every day. Social computing, business intelligence, cloud computing, mobility, smart computing and the spread of employees bringing their own devices to work are becoming common things. continued…

Tech Roles Will Evolve Right Along with Business Models

Why track business trends? Because the strategies and goals of IT and the company as a whole are increasingly interdependent. If anything, that dependency is going to deepen as businesses look to increase revenue while cutting costs, fattening the profit margin and using technical innovation as a competitive tool. continued…

30 Jobs Globalization Will Put at Risk

IT companies are increasingly creating a presence overseas, particularly in Asia. There, they have access to a pool of highly skilled tech workers who accept less money for what they do. The impact of that could be huge: Upwards of 56 million jobs from a variety of industries are at risk of heading offshore over the next five to 15 year. continued..

Rising Roles

Evolve or Go Home

One Response to “Things to Come: Technology Jobs in 2018”

  1. The Heretic

    Upwards of 56 million jobs from a variety of industries are at risk of heading offshore over the next five to 15 years? According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are a little over 315 million people in the USA. Once you have subtracted retirees, children, unemployed, and indigent living on public assistance, that 56 million jobs number could be summed up in three words; National Security Threat. This kind of threat will bring about punitive tariffs on a grand scale as government tries to stop the bleeding.

    I think the 56 million numbers are a WAG to begin with, but there are other trends at work that could make that kind of job loss a reality anyway. The proliferation of cheap efficient robotics has the potential to cause mass unemployment on a grand scale. We are improving the technology and bringing the prices down to the point of actually threatening the replacement of cheap foreign workers with domestic robots.

    Both trends bring up a very interesting economic question. What will a jobless economy look like? Who will industry sell their product to if almost everyone is living hand to mouth? What will tax revenues be? Why bother going to college if you end up standing around a burning trash can to stay warm anyway? Interesting questions in deed!