Lost Your Keys? This Sticker Can Find Them

Always lose your keys just as you’re about to walk out the door? If so, a solution is nearly at hand.

StickNFindAt first glance, the Stick-N-Find Bluetooth stickers don’t look like anything special but what they do is is pretty nifty, especially if you have trouble keeping track of things.

The Stick-N-Find stickers are a hot funding project on Indiegogo, where they’ve exceeded their $76,000 goal with 40 days to spare. Currently in pre-production, samples have been built and beta testing is underway.

The stickers are about the size of a dime and are nearly weightless. They can be attached to pretty much anything that has a flat surface. Once a sticker is secured to one of your treasures, you would use a corresponding app on your iOS or Android device, (don’t lose your phone!), to find the misplaced item within a 100-foot radius. The app will use a radar-style screen to indicate your proximity to the aforementioned keys, or remote, second phone, etc.

If being able to find lost doodads isn’t enough, the developers have added a couple of other useful features. The “Find It” option can be used with objects that are out of the 100 ft. area, allowing you to set up a notification for when the item comes back within range.

One terrific use for “Find It” is if you’ve forgotten what row you parked in at the mall, the app would be able to lead you to the general location of your car. Traveling? Finding your luggage on a crowded carousel could be a snap too.

The “Virtual Leash” feature lets you know when an object goes out of range. This option could be used to secure a wallet or a laptop that’s about to wander out of a coffee shop with a person who’s not you. It could also be helpful in keeping track of a wayward pet or possibly a toddler (the project page suggests putting them on kids’ shoes).

If everything goes according to plan, the final sample will be submitted to the FCC for certification in early January 2013. Mass production is scheduled for February and delivery to your hot little hands is anticipated for this coming March.

As someone who loses absolutely everything on an almost daily basis, Stick-N-Find seems like something I could get behind. If only they were small enough to help me find my glasses in the morning.

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