5 Tech Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

Technology continually shifts like tectonic plates along a fault zone, so you’re always going to see new jobs develop. Here’s five jobs that are bound to hit the job boards soon:

Flow ChartingData Science Officer

The growing number of data scientists need management, and these are the people who’ll take on the task. They’ll run business intelligence units within a particular department or as part of IT. As Corporate America’s need for information that can be mined through analytics and Big Data, demand for these professionals will only grow.

In-House Hacker

White hat hackers may finally have a place to call home as companies respond to the need for constant vigilance inside and outside their networks. Just ask TJX Cos., parent of retailers T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, which once had over 45.7 million credit cards compromised in one of the largest security breaches on record. Companies looking to hire in-house hackers will expect a level of training in traditional hacking tools and techniques. The role will be part of the IT security staff.

Mobile Development Business Integrator

This specialist will develop mobile device and Web applications to solve complex business problems. They’ll need skills in programming, networks, the cloud, project management and customer service. In other words, this is something of a mobile jack-of-all-trades, and its growth will be driven as smartphones and tablets increasingly replace computers.

Linux Micro-System Engineer

This one’s coming fast. People filling this role will need to be broad-based experts who can design and build small-scale, networked Linux-based systems to solve specialized enterprise and business integration problems.

As we head into 2013 and beyond, keep in mind these five futuristic jobs and how you can  leverage your existing skill set to slip into one of these positions when the time comes.

Services Sourcing Executive

Chief information officers may morph into an executive of services sourcing, says Dave McNally, IT executive adviser with research firm IDC. “Within five years, CIOs will not be delivering technical services, but serving as a services broker,” he predicts. “They won’t be sourcing for just technical services, but also business services.”

Talent Community Guides David Strom and Rob Reilly contributed to this report.

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    • Dawn Kawamoto

      Hi Paul,

      These job titles are ones that we are forecasting to appear on the horizon. Some of the duties that come with these titles are currently used as part of another job title but have yet to break out or morph into their own separate role.

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