IT Salary Trends: What’s Hot

According to InformationWeek‘s 2012 U.S. IT Salary Survey, information technology remains a well-paying field, with median total compensation of $90,000 for staffers and $116,000 for managers. Staffers reported a median rise in total compensation of 1 percent, while managers reported a 1.8 percent rise.

Pay is on the increase across job functions. People who perform 11 of 23 staff job functions report median total compensation above $100,000. Last year, just three staff functions broke the six-figure barrier: ERP, enterprise app integration, and data integration and warehousing. For managers, salaries for all but two functions, training and help desk, top $100,000 this year.

Business wits + industry savvy + tech skills + statistics = business analytics

One skill in very high demand is business analytics. Companies are drowning in data and looking for business-savvy technologists to help them make sense of it. Think of people with these skills as those who can marry business wits and industry savvy with technical understanding, and ideally some statistical chops. While that business-tech blend has always been sought after, demand is rising as companies try to make sense of their mountains of data and as IT becomes ever more embedded in business operations.

Drew Duncan, a lead business intelligence analyst with Brown-Forman, the maker of Jack Daniel’s and Southern Comfort, sees more opportunity in IT analytics than he can grab. Duncan is from the old school of analytics, with 15 years of experience using business intelligence platforms such as BusinessObjects to pull data out of SAP and other systems to create dashboards that let executives see what’s selling and shipping, and to dig into those results. “Old school” isn’t usually a compliment in the tech world, but the demand for conventional BI skills keeps rising.

Median total pay for business analytics managers has climbed 11 percent since 2010, and 8 percent for staffers. Among our 23 IT job categories, BI managers rank fourth in total compensation, earning $135,000. BI staffers are more middle of the pack, tied for 13th (with telephony and unified communications staff), earning $95,000.

That middle-of-the-pack rating reflects the range of people in this role, from those generating flat reports to those in higher-end roles using BI to do analysis. Data integration and data warehousing managers rank sixth in total compensation, at $131,000, while staffers are eighth, at $101,000.

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