How Microsoft Touched Me

I got some hands-on with Windows 8 this week. While I won’t say I’m in Love, I’ll confess to being in heavy Like. In fact, it may be heavy enough for me to spend 40 bucks to upgrade from Windows 7 Home. I might also stop pestering Alice for an iPad and push for a Surface instead. (The 64 GB with the black type cover, to be specific.)

This is not a small thing. If you don’t count the Morrow Designs Micro Decision MD I bought in 1983, my first computer was a Mac Plus, my second a Mac LC 500. My third was a Gateway, which model I don’t remember. What I do remember is it was a high as my knee and as thick as my thigh. For several years after that, I told people that I’d been a better person when I used a Macintosh.

Of course that’s an exaggeration, but even after years of Windows work I saw Macs as being easier to use. Now, I’m not so sure. When I clicked around Windows 8, I found what I was looking for pretty quickly and couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe I can live without iOS after all. Gasp.

This isn’t an entirely fair thing for to say. To be honest, I only spent about five minutes with Windows 8. But for the first time in a long time, I’m feeling some excitement about a new OS and how it can help me work. And I haven’t really felt that since 1984.

How about you? Have you had a chance to try out Windows 8? Tell me if you have, and what you think, in the comments below.

4 Responses to “How Microsoft Touched Me”

  1. Steve DeNies

    Sensing a shift? Half way through the football season here in Buffalo I don’t expect a change in momentum… though over my left shoulder I’m sensing a shift. I’ve promised the family that I was finally going to upgrade their shared Vista machine to Windows 8. I moved to Mac OS on my laptop after observing Vista on the home PC and fell in love. A handful of OS X upgrades since have gone soothingly well, and happily I dove into Mountain Lion. Ouch! I like the features, but they don’t compensate for the loss in stability. Things used to just work, now I find myself sighing while the machine builds application crash reports; or while disconnecting my external monitor in order to boot up. Hmm, Windows 8… today I may make good on my promise.

  2. Hi Mark & ,

    Windows 8… 1st, I grabbed it during the Trial run. I quickly ran in the opposite direction.
    I spent about a week writing custom scripts to modify the Start menu. which brought me back to where I began…. Left with a feeling like.. – “wheres the Navigation Map for this thing”…?
    I wanted to type Windows 8 into Google Maps.

    Then… The final release…I thought surely they worked out the wonderful quirks…
    All that has changed is the small-clever Navigation menu towards the Top_center of the screen once you get to the desktop.
    From a technical support stand point… Multiple monitor displays… insane menu trees… the floating, and ever moving rogue Menu items are enough to drive a guy crazy. –

    Arrrggghhh! My eye actually twitched trying to find a way to shut this thing down. (Navigation)
    The Microsoft Office paper clip popping up asking if you need help would have been preferred at this point…

    If it was built by the same engineers as Windows XP. where all of the Menu items were removed from the desktop upon fresh install. this would all make sense considering it takes some searching to find what you are looking for. and in the event you finally find what you are really looking for You will have navigated the entire contents of this OS.
    well, that’s what I did to find the Shut down option.

    There’s always the command prompt force shutdown /f option. but, just for tech support reasons I needed to be able to visualize the processes to get to the SHUTDOWN menu.(I can’t tell a client to just hit the power button… ) (my eye is twitching thinking about it… Jeez!)

    I uninstall Windows 8 in disgust only to re-install it with Tears. I have hope that Engineers and third party software dev teams will aid in the deployment of WIN 8 sp1 to be quite nice.
    – I could go on forever… but, I will stop here. SP1! We’ll keep the light on for ya!

    I believe the feeling you are having of Easy Navigation comes from the Uncanny resemblance of every Linux and Mac navigation Menu. (GNOME what i mean?)

    Thanks for this story mark-


    – Joseph Balestrino
    Support Engineer

  3. Mark, I spent 2 minutes checking W8 in BestBuy and found how to switch to the traditional desktop; therefore, I can live with it. I will probably buy Surface with W8 when it is out (not the RT version), so that I have a mobile Windows device easily compatible with the VPNs I use and the software I have. But please, upgrading from W7 does not make sense (well, unless you hope to revive a fairly old computer that is too slow for W7).

  4. Hello Mark,

    I have been using windows 8 since February when they release the consumer review version. Very easy installation process; and after installed it and booted it for the first time, I fall in love with it. It just took 8 seconds to boot on my old Toshiba Satellite with a Celeron M 1.5GHz and 1Gg of RAM.

    The metro style just work. Excellent on touchscreen devices. I don’t know why people are big deal on upgrading their windows 7 just because the Metro Style. As I said before I have around 9 months using it on non-touchscreen computer and what I always do is just click the title for the Desktop and that’s it you have your normal desktop windows with a missing start button.

    If the missing start button is your issue, just launch your application from the metro style interface and then pin it to the taskbar or create a shortcut on the desktop.

    Now if your planning to play those games design to be play on tablet, just the surface.

    And just for the information I’m Linux guy. But I have to give the credit to Microsoft. They just get it right this time.