Skills You’ll Need to Land a UX Design Job


The trick to find jobs in UX is to focus on the description of each position, as opposed to the job title itself. Here’s a look at the different skills you’ll need.

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9 Responses to “Skills You’ll Need to Land a UX Design Job”

  1. I wonder if Cat Miller knows anything about UNIX. Imagine…here is someone who knows nothing about anything and have a job writing about UNIX or engineering. No wonder this country is going to hell…

  2. Now that I think about it…and this happen long time ago at Lockheed Aerospace Co. in Sunnyvale, CA: Engineers did in fact proof read technical documents before the document was sent to the printing department. In those days there were no Editors like now days so you can imagine the quality of documents they produced. At Martin Marietta in Orlando, FL were more sophisticated; every document written by engineers was sent to the English department for proof reading and then after the document made sense to the engineers and English writers it was sent to the printing department. About 15 years ago, or so, Lockheed Aerospace and Martin Marietta merged and now both companies logo is Lockheed Martin. In the Defense industry engineers have to write proposals, ODs (Ordnance Documents), and technical procedures so the soldiers in the different branches of the armed forces…specially Marines, don’t have even to think in order to use the equipment made by Defense Contractors such as the ones mentioned above. In the private sector, engineers or systems administrators don’t do any writing for publishing and in fact systems administrators keep notes but for their own use and not for publication…the so called job security.

  3. That “viewed as strange” is at least a slight understanding of human psychology explains why most IT pros (be they rock stars, ninjas, gurus, or samurais) are viewed as prima donnas. Can you imagine designed a UI that was intuitive, and did not irritate the end user? Neither can MS.