SimpliVity’s OmniCube ‘Assimilates’ Service Stacks


As virtualization moves from just virtualizing machines to virtualizing entire data centers, vendors are trying to compress entire stacks of services and give you that entire virtualized experience in just one solution. At VMworld 2012, I spoke with Jesse St. Laurent, Director of Technology and Product Strategy for SimpliVity, who showed off the company’s new OmniCube. It compresses a stack  into one shared resource pool for all data centers. They like to call assimilation.

OmniCube allows for access and management of multiple data centers from a single point, or a federation, as SimpliVity calls it. You get all the functionality you would from a series of appliances, such as storage and deduplication.

In the video, St. Laurent shows us how to create a logical duplication of a virtual machine with no I/O. Plus, he shows a view of every single backup copy of every machine across your entire infrastructure and how you can, over an unreliable connection, do a quick restore from one virtual machine to another.