Train New Hires Without Making Yourself Dispensable


What do you do when a manager wants you to train new hires and you worry he’s getting ready to ditch you? Saying “yes” feels like a set-up, and saying “no” makes you seem insubordinate. A no-win situation? Not necessarily. Cat provides some solutions.

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3 Responses to “Train New Hires Without Making Yourself Dispensable”

  1. If you are training someone here on any of the outsourcing visas you are getting replaced soon. The visas in question here would be the H-1b, L1, B1, or OPT.

    If it is just some regular new employee, training someone is no big deal.

  2. I went through this once when I was a contracting technical writer for a Silicon Valley company. I knew my contract was running out and not being renewed. I still felt obligated to train the other person, who was a full time employee with the company. I felt that at least if I trained the person in good faith, I would be considered for future contracts. My boss did in fact compliment me on my professionalism (I liked the employee anyway, and didn’t want to mess her up).

    Yet another contract opened up with the same company with the same job description that matched what I had done before. It was even through the same recruiter. I contacted the recruiter, but he never returned my calls. I never received any feedback from the recruiter or the boss that indicated I did a poor or mediocre job.

    I finally contacted the HR person with the company and asked if I should apply directly or go through the recruiting company (or if they would be willing to contact the recruiter). Still nothing. To this day, I don’t know if I ticked off anyone or not.

  3. Gregg’s story raises an important though tangential question, which Cat might want to tackle (if she hasn’t already): How should one answer subsequent prospective clients’ queries of “Reason for Leaving”, when none is volunteered by the client, as is permitted in an “at-will” state like California? Even EDD asks for a specific reason; I successfully replied “no further work was assigned” but knew I was begging the question.