Hardware Jobs Suffer Most in Tech Layoffs

While technology’s unemployment rate is relatively low — about half the national average in this year’s Q1 — we’re still getting pummeled by layoffs, especially in hardware. HP, for example, bumped up its level of mass layoffs last month to 29,000 positions.

Over the past decade, computer hardware companies have led IT sectors imposing layoffs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In August, things weren’t much better in the overall computer and electronics product sector.

It’s worth noting that companies, as they develop new strategies and abandon old ones, often lay off employees in one part of the house while adding staff in another — not that there’s any comfort there for those getting the pink slips.

11 Responses to “Hardware Jobs Suffer Most in Tech Layoffs”

  1. Dawn Kawamoto… I love your bar graph; in a snap shot any one can see the problem in our economy. You should send it to Obama and Romney; not that it will do any good but at least they get educated a bit as they are stupid people. May I have your permission to send it to all members of Congress?

    • Dawn Kawamoto

      Hi Cicuta,

      Thanks, but the snazzy bar chart credit goes to our awesome graphic artist Jeff Quan. Anyways, by all means feel free to redistribute the chart and story. As you can see near the top of the chart, we’ve made it easy to repost it. Best wishes on getting response from Obama and Romney.

      Take care, Dawn

    • hey vince you are soooo speaking the truth. and cuts are still looming as it gets gutted even more. sad thing is most of the people now doing what a typical bcis grad did majored in things like health care nursing history. wonder what ever truly happened to the mayans. seems like dejavu now….

  2. Hello Dawn ,

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    Thank you for keep updating about IT job.

    God Bless you.

    • Dawn Kawamoto

      Hi Nishesh,

      Thanks. And especially thanks for your story suggestions!!! It’s great when we can get feedback from our readers on the topics they are interested in and would like to know more about. I plan to put these in my tickler file to work on.

      Take care, Dawn

  3. Dawn, valuable article. Here’s a suggestion for another: how about a breakdown of IT layoffs by age category. If the info is available for that I’d bet that would be an eye opener.

  4. David Corson

    I love your article Dawn. I’m a 45 year old U.S. Army veteran who is just now getting into the I.T. field. I graduated ITT Technical Institute in Bessemer, AL. I had my first major break in doing a Windows 7 Enterprise Edition migration to 20 PC’s. It was fun too. I read your article about I.T. hardware jobs being laid off. I know for the past 20 to 30 odd years that our government has been ran by a bunch of tyrants on both sides who can’t come together on a simple math problem. However, I think a lot of the blame for layoffs goes to companies that are just being greedy. I mean these companies have been bringing illegal aliens from other countries and making false promises to them, constantly outsourcing jobs to countries like India and China(who is our ENEMY), and possibly have been “paying off” certain politicians for making all this happen. The ONLY way that things will ever get better in this country is for companies to start keeping jobs here in the U.S. Yes, I know that items made here might be higher, but it would be worth paying the higher price if we could keep jobs here. If these companies continue to keep doing business with CHINA, they will be the cause of another “RED DAWN” in the making. Of course, I think with everyone thinking about 12/21/2012, will have an impact on the election. The only thing I am going to do is pray that God will intervene on this election.

  5. I’d like more details. I’d like to the know the total number in those categories – really what % of the total employment is laid off. Also what is included in each group. Does computer software services include all programmers? Does computer hardware include all engineers, technicians, assemblers, etc?