Can Google’s New Nexus Face Down the iPad?

Nexus 7Will the new Nexus tablet take on the iPad? Google and Samsung certainly hope so. They’ve partnered to develop the next generation of Nexus tablet, which will come with a 10-inch screen and the kind of high-end innards that befit a top-of-the-line device.  It will also feature a 2,560 x 1,600 display, besting the Retina display/pixel density of the iPad.

Despite Android OEMs’ efforts to change the status quo, the 10-inch, high-end tablet market remains dominated by Apple. Hardware innovation and self-banded services from rival companies haven’t borne fruit: Apple prevails. Thus far, none of the non-Apple tablets have been able to  finesse the Android platform, particularly the app ecosystem, and they’ve never committed to bringing the latest version of Android to tablets they’ve already sold.

Nexus is seeking to reverse all this. A high-end Android tablet with specifications that are significantly better than the iPad, selling at a much lower price point, coming directly from Google and using the Nexus business model, has a great chance of upsetting the market.

It will be the first high-end Android tablet to receive timely OS updates. And with the right encouragement and incentives from Google, developers will finally have reason to create tablet-optimized versions of their apps.

With reports indicating that Apple is losing its grip on the tablet market, dropping from over 80 percent to 52 percent, it’s the right time for a viable competitor to enter the ring. Nexus may be the great contender.