6 Steps To Better Cover Letters

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Yes, you do need to write a cover letter and you have to do it the right way. Today, we cover their who, what, when, where, why and how. Bear these in mind, and the whole thing gets easier.

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7 Responses to “6 Steps To Better Cover Letters”

  1. There is a saying that the paper takes what it is written on it; meaning that most, if not all, cover letters are non-sense. We all know that there are websites out there where services are offered to write “professional” resumes and cover letters. Also, there are templates to do the same all over the Internet. So, what is the bottom line? Are those resumes and cover letters genuine? Do cover letters depict the real character and knowhow of the person? The answer to those questions is that cover letters will never show the capabilities of the individual and if the person is cable of writing a good essay or test procedure.

  2. As busy as hiring managers and HR folks are — and I have been one of them — I can say that I never read the cover letter because they waste my time. I typically want to see the relevant skills on a resume first and foremost, and then if I am interested, I will read on. You have about 1 minute to make me notice what you can do — after that, I just move on. On a different aspect, I have sent resumes to organizations both with and without cover letters on a week trial for each method. While I know there is some room for wiggle I sent 30 resumes each week. With the cover letter, I received back 9 responses — three of which were automated. Without the cover letter I received back 13 responses with 4 of them being automated. Bottom line. Does not matter.