Union Metrics Offers Analytics Tools for Tumblr

Tumblr’s funky photos and inane captions apparently have analytics value.

When it comes to social-networking analytics, Tumblr may not draw the same sort of attention as Facebook and Twitter. However, a new Tumblr-centric analytics platform from Union Metrics could begin to change that.

Union Metrics (“Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider,” according to a posting on its Website) will offer reports on Tumbr posting and note volume, allowing administrators to trace engagement levels and trends over a certain period; identify contributors and curators who contribute most to a particular Tumbr; highlight the most popular posts and tags; and isolate engagement details such as interactions over time.

“For any topic or blog, our analytics provide a quick overview of post volume and engagement over the past month,” read that posting. “Finally, you can fully understand the size and momentum of the conversation about your brand or blog on Tumblr with detailed insight into the size and scope of the interactions.”

Tumblr administrators can also use Union Metrics to see which content ends up “re-blogged” through the Tumblr network.

While Tumblr is often characterized as overrun by cute kitten gifs, hipster fashion photos and other mostly-harmless minutiae. However, those images and text contain loads and loads of data that, if mined properly, could give companies some insight into consumer trends.

There’s certainly a demand for that type of information: for the past several quarters, IT vendors have produced whole suites of analytics tools for slicing up Facebook and Twitter data.

Companies have begun slicing up Facebook and Twitter data with analytics tools. Over the summer, for example, Oracle acquired Collective Intellect, a purveyor of cloud-based social intelligence software, along with Vitrue, a cloud-based social marketing and engagement platform. Vitrue products include Virtue Publisher, a dashboard that allows users to manage Facebook, Google+ and Twitter activities, and Vitrue Tabs, which lets organizations create Facebook landing pages with specialized apps and modules.

Those products will certainly find their way into Oracle’s software portfolio. Meanwhile, Salesforce used assets from its acquisitions of Buddy Media and Radian6 to create the Marketing Cloud, which lets companies manage their presence across social channels, measure engagement, and target with social advertising. Not to be outdone, Google bought social-networking-tools vendor Meebo in June.

Now Tumblr—perhaps inevitably—joins the mix of social networks open for data mining.