How to Manage a Project from Far, Far Away


Managing projects has become more complex as companies distribute their teams across time zones. Each country has its own set of rules and assumptions about the way they work. And whose job is it to sync everyone up? Why, the project manager’s, of course.

Cat Miller

4 Responses to “How to Manage a Project from Far, Far Away”

  1. This bs is to dang funny. i had this problem bach in the late nineties with a team dispersed across three
    continents and across this country. why dont you worry warts come up with more bs worry on your own time rather than try and create more drama. i solved it by using common sence and team sacrifice rsther than chaos theory and stupidity. oh and guess what im a native born and bred african american native american born citicen. with three college degrees. hhhmmm did i mention i graduated at after working and going to school for ten years. best and brightest my butt.

    • agile-pm-ba

      I guess you missed the days that taught you how to use a spell checker during your 10 years in college and ‘Chaos Theory’ is your criticism? Really? Kellert said that small differences in initial conditions … yield widely diverging outcomes … rendering long-term prediction impossible in general. Sorry, can’t make the leap from that mathematical theory to real world project management… Sensitivity to cultural differences and, yes, the use of common sense, are both important aspects of PM… but only if you want to actually get something done.

  2. Cultural differences are the trickiest when managing a project with a multi-cultural team – cultural differences must be understood. Cultural differences encapsulate productivity, for example, people in one country might be much more productive than others.