Some Unexpected Benefits from Virtualization


Virtualization has been sold for the host of benefits it offers, things like reduced capital expenditures, consolidation and speed of deployment. But it’s not until you actually deploy a virtualized environment that you realize some of the other wonders it can bring to your operation. On the show floor at VMworld 2012, I asked attendees — all of whom had virtualized — some of the unforeseen gains they’d seen by virtualizing.

Image: Plus Sign Illustration from Bigstock

One Response to “Some Unexpected Benefits from Virtualization”

  1. I had to comment on the last person interviewed – caught me off guard – made my day.

    One thing to add – everybody interviewed was enterprise IT – for embedded systems being able to virtualize a DOS or OS/2 box for software mods or checkout is absolutely awesome.

    Congratulations!! Very well done commentary.