Sony Eyes Compact Full-Frame Camera

Sony is preparing to lift the lid on a new compact camera that features a full-frame sensor, rumors say.

Up until now, full-frame sensors, which are traditionally the domain of higher-end DSLRs have rarely been seen in smaller cameras – the price tags of which tend to be astronomical. That is not to say that the Sony RX1 is not expensive, it is, but with a projected retail price of $2,799, it is sill less than half the price of a Leica body.

The Sony has been pictured with a 35mm f/2.0 Carl Zeiss lens (there is no word on whether that will be included in the above-mentioned price tag), a pop-up lens, a DSLR-esque dial and a hot shoe. With all things considered, it looks to be an impressive piece of equipment – and it is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Aside from the obvious weight-benefit, the smaller size has another advantage: it is inconspicuous. There is nothing quite like a hulking DSLR for making people feel self-conscious – smaller cameras tend to be a lot less intimidating for people on the other side of the lens. Whether or not those factors are enough to convince people to part with the hefty price tag will remain to be seen (assuming of course that the camera is real).

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