CSC Touts Fastest Deploying Private Cloud


If you’re on the way to building a private cloud, CSC is hoping you’ll consider their solution, BizCloud, which they’re touting as the industry’s only private cloud built as a service that’s ready for workloads in just ten weeks, compared to the usual rollout, which takes 6-8 months, said Pamela Casale, director, Marketing Cloud Computing for CSC.

The private cloud, using the VMware vCloud data center service, can not only skip common capital investments, says Casale, but also avoid the tedious process of integrating the infrastructure and building things like service catalogs, charge back methodologies, and a self-service portal.

Standardized on the Vblock platform from VCE, the basic infrastructure and necessary software to main service level agreements (SLAs) all come predelivered, says Casale.

Casale points out other benefits of their service:

  • Physically segregated resources – completely private
  • Can choose on premise location
  • Capacity: projection-based up to 200% of potential headroom
  • Pay per use over minimum requirement, which is about 30 percent
  • Only requires a minimum capacity and annual commitment
  • Same rate card across all three cloud offerings. They also offer a public and private hosted cloud solution.