Contractor and Full-time Jobs Increase at Similar Pace

As the economy struggles along, employers are apparently preferring to hire IT contractors over full-timers — but only by a slight margin, according to data.

In June, the number of contract job postings on Dice rose 7 percent over the previous year, while full-time job postings increased by 6 percent.

Granted, the sheer number of full-time positions listed is higher than that of contractors. But the growth rate is a more telling figure to watch.

The growth rate is a reflection of employer sentiment over which class of workers is more important to throw money at. Where does your employer or client fall?

2 Responses to “Contractor and Full-time Jobs Increase at Similar Pace”

  1. Elizabeth Mitchell

    I feel this use to be a good thing, to be a contractor, but now our wages are water down by the overseas competition and the Recruiters. I want to work directly with a company not a HR firm or Recruiter. I remember the day if you did work for a company and there was no projects for a time, we got bench pay, now we get half what I used to make and no pay with no projects.