Contractor and Full-time Jobs Increase at Similar Pace

Dice Techonomics

As the economy struggles along, employers are apparently preferring to hire IT contractors over full-timers — but only by a slight margin, according to data.

In June, the number of contract job postings on Dice rose 7 percent over the previous year, while full-time job postings increased by 6 percent.

Granted, the sheer number of full-time positions listed is higher than that of contractors. But the growth rate is a more telling figure to watch.

The growth rate is a reflection of employer sentiment over which class of workers is more important to throw money at. Where does your employer or client fall?


2 Responses to “Contractor and Full-time Jobs Increase at Similar Pace”

September 16, 2012 at 7:02 am, Elizabeth Mitchell said:

I feel this use to be a good thing, to be a contractor, but now our wages are water down by the overseas competition and the Recruiters. I want to work directly with a company not a HR firm or Recruiter. I remember the day if you did work for a company and there was no projects for a time, we got bench pay, now we get half what I used to make and no pay with no projects.


September 16, 2012 at 4:15 pm, Wizgod said:

And why doesn’t dice ask how many of these jobs are real and not open to outsourcing groups. Could it be that dice like the test of the country doesn’t care?


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