the Sound of Coding to Coders at Home

LonelyOne of the disadvantages of working at home is being on your own most of the time. But while some might consider it a blessing, not having co-workers — or even a supervisor — around means you could get lonely at some point. The lack of people working, in an environment that is hardly conducive to focus (I wonder if there’s any cake left in the fridge?) can lead you astray.

If this sounds familiar, can help. The website lets you play the sound of keyboard and mouse click-clacking continuously, so your workspace sounds as if there’s another person banging away nearby. It helps focus you to work, not look at another YouTube video or browse Reddit.

You can choose the intensity of the sound by selecting “Monday morning code,” “Hackathon coding,” or “Angry dev coding.” I guess they’re pretty self-explanatory. I advise against going for the third mode. It might just stress you out.

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Image: Craig Lindner, via Flickr

3 Responses to “ the Sound of Coding to Coders at Home”

  1. Guy Rich

    Well if one really needs noise to ‘feel’ like you’re in an actual work environment, please forgive me
    but you may be just a little bit delusional.

    However I do understand, many years ago I worked as a CICS Systems Programmer for a major
    ‘High-end’ Retailer in the Midwest. The Corporate HQ housed our system. All of the retail locations
    had direct SDLC 9.6 connections to our 3745 etc…
    The Bridal shops in each store had printers that would print out customer orders.
    One year in an major equipment upgrade, we replaced the old electro-mechanical cash registers
    with Work-Station type cash registers, and replaced the noisy 24 dot pitch matrix line printers
    with quiet efficient laser printers.
    Guess What? The Ladies in the Bridal Shop complained the laser printers were too slow.
    Why, because to their PERCEPTION the dot-matrix printers were faster because they could see
    the little ball twirling madly and heard the noise it made as the paper feed spewed forth.
    It took some doing to convince them that the laser was actually 3 times faster than the dotmatrix

  2. Kanja Saha

    LOL. The fact that I visited this link says that I do feel all alone sometimes while working from home. But I dont think one will be that desperate to hear this fake noise. I would rather play some good music to keep me company. And about that leftover cake on the fridge, I make sure they are all gone or trashed by sunday evening.