Tech Jobs That Pull In Six Figures

Ever wonder what the next guy is making in salary? Of course you do. While you wonder, here are some numbers to chew on. (Hint: You may want to aim for an IT management position.)

If none of these apply to you, don’t fret. You may do just fine if your skill set matches up with one of these:

Don’t have any of these either? Tired of making less than $100K? Consider retooling your skills, or even appreciate the fact that you’re in a job you’re passionate about. After all, a job that doesn’t seem like work is priceless.

13 Responses to “Tech Jobs That Pull In Six Figures”

  1. I’m a Front End Dev and I make more than the top on the list as a Freelancer by an easy 40k. Average salaried position in NY however according to Indeed is about 100k, but I’m not average :-P. Slowly moving into the back with JS. Node/Express/Mocha in Coffee seems to be a tasty flavor.

  2. These numbers are fairly useless without any information about location, and they’re completely useless without information about whether they’re based on employees with full benefits, consultants with some benefits, or independent contractors with no benefits. Things like paid leave, employer paid health insurance, and employer retirement account contributions can add up to quite a bit.

  3. These salaries are missing key details and background to make them meaningful. If they are averages across all experience levels and regions within their category, I think they have been homogenized to the point of being useless. Listing a CEO and Architect in the same salary grouping makes about as much sense as grouping a GM engineer and GM’s CEO.

  4. These numbers definitely need some context. First of all, how can you lump CEO’s with architects, and all with a salary about 20k lower than my senior analyst pay? Granted I’m in the Silicon Valley area, but if these were accurate, I’d be looking for a better paying field to get into.

  5. Vijay Subramanian

    These numbers are totally baseless and in turn render the article almost useless. These numbers don’t even come close to any decent metro location. I work for a similar company in the same industry. While the overall sentiments is fairly correct. The salary for the management jobs off late have been rising indicating companies are willing to invest in a good management structure. Another perspective is that we saw these high paying jobs being cut quickly during economic downturn. This is a healthy sign of economy starting to get better at tech sector level.

    Dice should read their article before publishing them with numbers.