They Let Steve Jobs Go. How About Mark Zuckerberg?

Facebook Zuckerberg

Almost as soon as it was out of the gate, Facebook’s stock tanked. From its IPO price of $38, in three months it’s dropped to less than $20 per share ($19.34 at yesterday’s close).

Going public is kind of like growing up: A lot of rules change, and you’re expected to behave in different ways. Before, Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg was judged on a lot of things. But now, with Wall Street watching, stock price is the big thing.

So, the question: Could Zuckerberg be dropped from the company he started — like Steve Jobs was dropped from Apple in 1985?

Stocks tend to rise over time but, as the Los Angeles Times recently noted, investors are starting to ask if Zuckerberg can make Facebook hit the numbers it needs in order to raise its stock price. It seems that skepticism prevails. Personally, I think the company’s board should bring in a CEO with more business experience, like Google brought in Eric Schmidt in 2000.

Facebook lies somewhere between 1985’s Apple and 2000’s Google. Maybe Zuckerberg, and the company,would be better served if he left his perch as CEO and focused on Facebook’s technical innovations instead. It’s up to him for now, unless the board decides to take action. It’d be a shame to see one of the biggest companies in the world begin to creep backwards.

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  1. Go public or Outsource any web based applications business these days? Why ruin your company this way unless you are ready to do something else. Mark, my man, you should have talked to me first…. Badly needed cash injection can easily turn into rejection… Bean counters are about making a lasting buck and cutting costs (namely your salary). The public and much less your current boss for that matter (think about it) does not know a thing about how technology works and what is needed to fund and implement great things. Facebook was a truly great technical marvel because you, a techie, took control of what it looked like and you made it happen by locking yourself away until it was done. Step in bean counters and people who think they are “Venture Capitalists” and they will just outsource everything to some bunch of fools in another country and then pillage your greatness to one of their buddies. Hope this is what you wanted to roll some cash and drop out on a parachute…. I’ve got a great idea and let me know if you are interested….

  2. Pat Saison

    But for all the hype and greed of all parties, the founders, the IB’s and media, Facebook is just an electronic, web enabled high school yearbook; it was hyped and the vehicle for the interested few to get rich, and is now settling into reality.

  3. What Andrei failed to mention is what happened to Apple after Jobs was deposed by the more “professional” Scully — a rather long slide in irrelevance. Scully even admitted in an interview that it was “his biggest mistake” to take over.

    Z is the face of Facebook. He doesn’t need to be CEO to continue advancing Facebook’s agenda. But that’s the title the press covers. CEOs get the cover story. COOs and CTOs maybe get two lines.