Hype or Not, Americans Don’t Love 4G

SpeedAlmost 47 percent of American consumers say they don’t need 4G Networks, while 26 percent believe all networks are the same. Of the rest, 12 percent preferred 4G networks and 15 percent preferred 4G LTE.

The survey was done by investment firm Piper Jaffray.

One reason this makes sense is because 4G technology drains batteries way faster than 3G technology. And when you have a smart device that lasts one or two days at most, you won’t want to have 4G draining the battery even more, faster Internet speeds or not. ANd if you think that’s a power drain, wait until quad-core gadgets with 4G arrive.

On the other hand, progress towards 4G networks is imminent, though right now users aren’t ready to adopt it. And to be honest, 3G technology isn’t as old and slow as some might say.

Piper Jaffray also asked consumers which U.S. carrier has the best 4G LTE network. Although 51 percent said they didn’t know, the remaining 49 percent were divided between Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

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2 Responses to “Hype or Not, Americans Don’t Love 4G”

  1. Seems like it would be hard to have an honest survey when 2 of the 4 networks surveyed “which U.S. carrier has the best 4G LTE networks” don’t have LTE networks. Sounds like this article is bunk… especially when AT&T only has LTE in under 30 markets when Verizon could be hitting 400 by this year’s end.

  2. I live on Long Island where Verizon is very slowly introducing 4G. Ironically, in areas of Western NY State that have very minimal internet service, Verizon 4G is alive and well. I even found it working well in a PA cemetary. But Long Island…

    The article makes a good point. 4G drains batteries. But it also drains your remaining data allowance. Verizon charges an awful lot for a small amount of data, and at the same time they push 4G they also push video, video and more video. While they make their data plans even more expensive. Recently they announced a new family share data plan, which amounts for most people to yet another huge increase in fees for data.

    Of course, there are numerous gaps in coverage even in covered areas. You walk 20 feet and go from 4G to 1X. Lots of reasons for this, including NIMBYism. But you’d never know that from Verizon ads.

    And don’t forget; having 4G in a market is a bad joke when only tiny parts of that market actually have it working. And for Verizon users, 4G is important because 3G and 1X don’t allow voice and data at the same time, while 4G does. Something else the ads don’t mention.