Are These Tech Jobs on the Way Out? [DiceTV]


Changes in technology are forcing the re-thinking — or even the elimination — of some traditional IT jobs. Here’s a sampling of those on the endangered list, plus some ideas to keep you working.

Cat Miller

8 Responses to “Are These Tech Jobs on the Way Out? [DiceTV]”

  1. Jimmy Lozano

    GOOD video CAT… I like it…
    shame that DOESN’T HELP the unemployed to find work…
    But don’t worry, IT IS NOT your fault. The problems are the decisions and mismanagement of your supervisors and bosses from DICE Blog, because THEY ARE NOT DOING NOTHING TO HELP AT THE UNEMPLOYED TO GET A JOB.
    You know about that, and you represented very well in the minute 0:13 of this video.
    Your skills and knowledge are very impressive and meaningful, and you can find the correct job and successful career quickly in a better workplace.
    Keep doing your videos, showing the cruel reality in the economic-jobs-life with the real true of what happening right now, and keep your sense of humor.
    Best Wishes in your life and your career.
    Jimmy Lozano

  2. @MikeKellyinATL


    Loved the video!

    It was both informative AND humorous. Perhaps this combination will help me remember your points. At the very least, I know I need to brush up on my nun-chuck skills! 🙂

    Keep up the good work.
    Mike Kelly

  3. Hi Cat, Nice video, but I remember not long ago you claimed that Linux admins are in high demand and “should feel wanted”! Could you please clarify?
    I believe what you guys at Dice are trying to say is that these roles are ‘Changing” and not really going the way of the dinosaurs. Linux is stronger than it ever been, and it is not going anyway anytime soon.
    As for web designers!! well the good one know how to build “templates” for those “do it yourself” website (AKA content management systems). The transition to learn few of those powerful technologies should be very easy.

  4. I didn’t watch the video but I would add elctronic hardware to the list of tech jobs disappearing in the US. I work for a networking company that has more money than most small countries and while they do hire many interns they will not offer permanent employment to any intern. This is policy coming from the CEO. Yet their PR people constantly lament the lack of qualified applicants.

    Honestly, I would advise young people to avoid the EE field at all costs. It will likely only result in disappointment.I have been in the field for 20 years and I can’t envision any senario where things will get better.

  5. What a historic and hard reality. I’ve followed this very idea of what technology skills are current viable, or just trending for my 20 years in the military. I recall in the early 90’s when PCs were coming into view and Microsoft certifications were the top “Certs” to achieve.

    I’ve been into tech since 1987 and watched how one technology made another obsolete during this time.

  6. Fred Bosick

    Unless you are grown in the Matrix, Senior Systems Administrators and Architects first serve as associate or junior admins. Eliminate those junior positions and you get to join Bill Gates and Larry Ellison in complaining about lack of educated Americans and then petition Congress for more tech visas. But you’ll never get real admins using indentured servants..