Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 Is Easier to Fix Than iPad

When it comes to repairing, maintaining and upgrading Apple products, things have gotten progressively more difficult over the last few years. You deal with tricky screws to remove cases, and delicate ribbons that are complicated to fit make removing components a considered risk.

Some Apple fans would have you believe that easy repairs are the sacrifice required in order to achieve the super-thin form factor of modern Apple products – which makes iFixit’s teardown of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 very, very interesting.

The Apple iPad 2 scored a 2 out of 10 on the iFixit repairability scale. Surprisingly, the current generation MacBook Pro got the same score. In contrast, the Galaxy Note 10.1 scored 8 out of 10. The reason: Samsung kept things nice and clean on the inside.

The layout is tidy, the ribbons are simple and the screws holding the whole thing together are Philips heads – all in a system that packs a quad-core processor and 32GB of internal storage. The frame, incidentally, is just 8.9 millimeters thick.

Will a more repairable device win more buyers? While most people don’t care, the people who influence purchasing decisions often do. The Galaxy Note is probably never going to outsell the iPad, but it might help Samsung take a bigger bite out of Apple’s sales.

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scored 8 out of 10

One Response to “Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 Is Easier to Fix Than iPad”

  1. Given the complexities with many different cellular and tablet repairs, we would be interested to know why the iPad received such a low score on repairability level when in reality, any technician that is truly skilled at these repairs would more than likely argue iFixit’s assessments of Apple products. To focus on one companies opinion about a device and how it is designed brings a very narrow scope of understanding to the readers of this article and can be misleading. Given from professional experience, certain Samsung devices are easier to repair than other brands, however, this arguement can be greatly spanned out across many device platforms and products and it truly boils down to a matter of opinion. From a professional standpoint, HTC products are flawed in their design with regards to the internal components being crammed together and of not very high quality, increasing risk of damage to other internal components(LCD Screens mainly) when performing a repair. However, another company may feel it is easier to repair this device compared to a Samsung.

    It comes down to matter of opinion, and you know what they say about opinions right? Yup, just like backsides…everybody has one.