FBI Thought Kim Dotcom Was Capable of ‘Mass Data Destruction’

Kim DotcomThe FBI convinced the New Zealand government to raid the mansion of Kim Dotcom with its elite counterterrorism unit by claiming that he was in possession of a “doomsday device.”

The FBI believed that the Megaupload founder had developed a way to immediately eliminate all evidence of computer-related crimes from his systems with the flick of a switch.

Unfortunately for the FBI — or fortunately, depending on how you look at it — he didn’t. That’s  evidenced by the fact that it took the aforementioned elite police around fifteen minutes to find Dotcom in his safe room. If he’d his hands on a doomsday device, he had plenty of time to use it.

He didn’t, so everyone just looks silly.

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One Response to “FBI Thought Kim Dotcom Was Capable of ‘Mass Data Destruction’”

  1. If you believe that the FBI believed that Kim Dotcom had a doomsday device then I have a really nice bridge for sale just for you, it connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    This was a classic intimidation ploy. Pure and simple. The police state was flexing it’s international muscles. Did the NZ police think that there was a doomsday device? I think not.

    Please Dice don’t be such a shill for the government. Plllease.