Project Managers: Multi-Taskers or Single Project Players?

Project managers are often put to the test in juggling large projects, or a multitude of small ones. I frequently get asked this question; Is it easier to manage one large project that takes up all of your time, or to run multiple projects at once?

I’ve actually been able to do both and found it depends upon individual preference and the type of projects you’re working on.

If you’re managing a larger project, depending on the timeline and team, you can get into the nitty gritty, while remaining cognizant of the larger strategy and its impact on the organization.

When managing multiple projects, it can be hard to dive into the details. The amount of time you have to spend on each job is significantly less. It’s critical for you to be able to delegate appropriately to your team and ensure that everything continues to move forward.

Either way, project management skills combine the best of organization, delegation and scheduling.

Let us know about your project management experiences. Do you enjoy the larger projects or smaller projects? What kind of work gives you the most satisfaction?

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  1. tloftus2009

    How to handle the “One-Project Manager”: When I was an Infrastructure Manager, my staff was required to juggle multiple projects – some small, some large. I was always hearing gripes about single project demands that were taking away from their ability to perform on other projects. It was usually a case of “Single Project” Managers that had only one large project to be concerned about. It was easy for me to appease my staff by telling them not to worry too much about that one project. I delicately reminded them that the Manager only had one large project to worry about – a “One-Project Manager” – that should be shown respect and taken seriously, but with a grain of salt. I would then offer to get involved so that the One-Project Manger did not get too unruly.