Bing Leads Microsoft’s Consumer Market Push


Microsoft will have to invest a lot of money in the tablet, search and smartphone markets, if it’s going to regain consumer market share from Apple and Google. In fact, the company has created a team to focus on consumer strategies. Its first order of business: Build up Bing.

Cat Miller

No Responses to “Bing Leads Microsoft’s Consumer Market Push”

  1. Microsoft still hasn’t learned. Success can’t simply be bought, and they are competing against companies that are at the top of their game and creating marketing best practice as they do it. This is not to say it can’t be done, but it seems there are significant internal changes that must be made that go against the company’s DNA, if they are truly to be a successful consumer product company. Ex: Remember Zune? To really play in the game, they needed to accept to Apple’s 30-pin/iTunes standard, which of course they couldn’t stomach. And like it or not Google is the search standard and the way around it is to innovate and blow up search as we know it into something better. Can they do it?