CMS Firm Box is a Good Place for New Graduates


Box (formerly is a cloud content management system. The Los Altos, Calif., company is in a super hot space right now and it’s growing extremely fast. At the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco, I spoke with Roger Liang and Samuel Yoo, two recruiters who describe Box’s culture as that of college outside of college.

While collaboration is tied to Box’s product, it’s also intrinsic to the office’s open work environment. With no cubicles, everyone is easily accessible, thereby leveling the hierarchy. The CEO, CFO and COO sit at the same desks and chairs as everyone else.

Everyone is very approachable, Liang says. And — unlike the people I went to college with — Yoo feels comfortable enough to invite any one of his colleagues out for a beer.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll get involved in the process right away at Box. All developers quickly have a sense of ownership as most new hires push out live code after just the first few days on the job.

And, unlike college, Box will pay you to be there. And while they’ve yet to have a food fight, Nerf fights do happen.