Microsoft Offers Silicon Valley Job Hopping Experience


Tech professionals job hop so much is often because they get bored. They’re looking for a new challenge, or to just do something different. Tina Kettell, staffing manager for Microsoft, pitches that you can get the same experience simply by working at Microsoft in Silicon Valley.

The company’s Silicon Valley office is the only place outside of Redmond where all the divisions of Microsoft are represented. That means you can come to work on one project and easily leave and jump to another project such as Skype, Hotmail, Xbox, the entertainment division, Silicon Hardware, Media Room (the TV business), or Server and Tools.

The company encourages you to jump between divisions as its wants staffers to take what they’ve learned from one group and bring it to another, Kettell says. It’s an attitude that pretty much defines everyone in the valley. “We don’t hire people to just do the same thing over and over.”

She’s looking for people who have intelligence, horsepower and a desire to break the edges. You’ll need to show passion for Microsoft products and a desire to want to mess with them. Bascially, the company wants people who are excited about getting involved.

“Whatever your technical background is come and give us a conversation,” Kettell says.

4 Responses to “Microsoft Offers Silicon Valley Job Hopping Experience”

  1. One other plus for being in the Valley and not-Redmond: you might be insulated from the mammoth chain of bureaucracy there too. When I interviewed at Microsoft back in 2006, it seemed crushing how many layers of management there were — it seemed like IBM from the 1980s. Maybe it is better now.

  2. Jimmy Lozano

    Is easy to say:
    ““Whatever your technical background is come and give us a conversation,” Kettell says.”
    Is very difficult get this:
    “”When, Where and what time will be the interview???””

  3. Steve Davis

    Last time I looked, Microsoft was firing engineers in USA and hiring in Bangalore and Mumbai. So the logical question is: Which city does Microsoft consider to be Silicon Valley? Mumbai? Or is it Bangalore? Maybe I’ll buy 1 share of stock and Ask Balmer or Gates which city do they consider to be “silicon valley?'” And what kind of silly con does MSFT think they are running?