Microsoft Says Windows 8 Coming Oct. 26

Windows 8Microsoft is rolling out Windows 8 on Oct. 26, the software giant says on its website.

It’s an exciting time for operating systems. And here’s why:

This announcement comes on the heels of talk that Apple is close to releasing Mountain Lion, its next operating system. And RedHat also recently rolled out its latest release of its RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.3.

That’s three major operating system releases in under six months!

We engineers should plan to put some time into making our software work on these new platforms as they start to come out. Windows 8 is the one that will take a lot of work.

Both Mountain Lion and RHEL 6.3 are smaller releases, but we’ll still need to test and make sure everything works.

Apple made the Gold Master build of Mountain Lion available to developers last week. This is the last step before a final release. If Apple follows past trends, it’ll release a final version in a few weeks.

RedHat’s latest release, RHEL 6.3, is a minor update and was made available in late June.

The operating systems are coming…are you ready?

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