Don’t Let Jail House Blues Damper Your Job Search [DiceTV]


If you’ve got a criminal record, well, you’re not the only person in IT who has. But don’t let people tell you you’re past mistakes mean you can’t get a job. Thanks to new guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, your prospects may be brighter than you think.

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  1. Computer Science Grad

    For the most part, gaining employment in the IT industry is the same as any other industry. If you know the right person or people you will easily gain employment with or without a criminal record. The rest of us have to gain employment the old fashion way which is extremely difficult and takes forever.

    • Hi, Culture Shock –

      I’m not sure the EEOC deals with things like you mention, but in any case: We don’t evaluate or censor anyone’s resumes, job listings or anything else, as long as they’re not defamatory, insulting or illegal. In other words, we stick to our own terms of service. Just because someone’s been convicted of something in the past doesn’t mean they’re not running a legitimate business, which in turn means they have the right to look for employees. We do monitor job postings and if we see things that go against our guidelines or any law or regulation, we remove them.

      (If you want to see the terms of service, by the way, they’re here: