I Want You, and I Want Your Passion

A Dramatic Leader

No, this isn’t a personal ad. We’re looking for people who might like to guide one of our Talent Communities. You’d be the person who gives voice to those who work in your particular specialty, sharing your thoughts and lessons by blogging, answering questions in the discussion boards, and helping identify conferences, organizations and other resources that can help people develop their skills.

Yes, it requires some effort, but it’s designed to be manageable. We know you have a day job, after all. Besides a small fee, we can offer you visibility and bragging rights. (Of course, we’ll link to your own blog, if you have one.) Plus, there’s a lot to be said for helping people get better at what they do.

The Communities aren’t only about careers — they’re about best practices, trends, all the things you talk about when you talk shop. So, you’ve got a lot of running room when it comes to putting your area together.

Right now, I’m looking for guides for these new communities:

  • Austin
  • Windows 8
  • Web Development
  • iOS
  • Women in Tech
  • .NET
  • Business Intelligence
  • C++/C#
  • Data Warehouse
  • Health IT
  • Java
  • Media Design
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Systems Administration
  • UI Specialist
  • VMWare

If you’d like to pursue another area, let me know. There are a lot of topics besides these we’d like to get into — but the list is long.

If you’re interested, or have questions, send me an email at editor@dice.com. Thanks.

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