GM Will Internalize 90 Percent of Outsourced Jobs [DiceTV]


General Motors CIO Randy Mott is planning to move almost all of GM’s IT services in-house, bringing everything from data centers to software development back into the fold — and taking work away from outsourcing companies such as HP/EDS, IBM, Capgemini and Wipro.

Cat Miller

3 Responses to “GM Will Internalize 90 Percent of Outsourced Jobs [DiceTV]”

  1. Gary Levine

    Are there any possible openings for a Technical Writer or Instructor, especially (but not exclusively) in the Florida area? I’d be willing to telecommute or travel to and from locations.

    Please let me know. Thank you.

    Gary Levine

  2. I have worked at IBM handling client servers, clients like Altria (aka Philip Morris) and a bunch of health care related companies. GM would get better results handling their IT themselves.

    IBM’s only goal is cost reduction, not quality IT service. IBM does not care about uptime as much as they do cost. IBM does not care about security as much as they do about cost.

    IBM does not hire any technical workers anymore so they don’t have to deal with Human Resource expenses like insurance and benefit or complications from firing people. All of IBM’s tech workers are contractors hired by other companies for the sole purpose of working at IBM. And the pay the contractors get from the contracting companies is usually 25-40% less than standard industry pay. The pay the contractors get is dictated by IBM, so it is actually IBM that is deciding the contractors salaries. IBM’s main focus is hiring the person who will take the least amount of money, and they disregard good workers.

    When I worked at IBM in 2003, and IT hiring took a big upturn in the industry as a whole, tons of good tech workers fled IBM for higher paying jobs. The only thing IBM wanted at that point in time was someone who would not quit, that is literally all they cared about.