AT&T Foundry Wants Engineers Who Are ‘Innovation Drivers’


While originally coming from the world of startups, James Kyle was looking to join a company that would allow him to be agile in small teams. When AT&T recruited him to work at its Foundry in Palo Alto, the communications powerhouse showed it was doing just that.

During the recruiting process, AT&T invited Kyle to come out to Silicon Valley. It was his first time in the area and he was definitely taken by the culture. He loved being around other smart people talking about cutting edge technology. It was also enough to get him to move out and be part of the team as a Senior Product Development Engineer. Today he’s handling private cloud and deployment, as well as operations and network engineering. The excitement has continued as he’s pursued development and has direct access to the very best equipment and underlying networks.

The amount of traffic coming through the office in terms of new ideas and businesses was a real shock to Kyle. He gets to see the latest developments as they’re happening. “You’re not reading about it in the paper the next day. You’re living it,” he told us when we met at the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco.

While finding talented workers is key, what the AT&T Foundry really needs is drivers, says Kyle. That means people who have the capacity to innovate, recognize new opportunities and bring them into the company, and then turn them into things that make sense.

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4 Responses to “AT&T Foundry Wants Engineers Who Are ‘Innovation Drivers’”

  1. Jimmy Lozano

    OK… Following the video, and reading this article…
    What means DRIVER…!!!
    They want search INFORMATION from a lot data’s, articles and ideas that you can find in a particular source of information ( in this case AT&T Information ) to innovate and recognize new opportunities…!!!
    So… If, I AM WRONG… please someone can help me to UNDERSTAND VERY WELL, what kind the job (in this case) is to be a DRIVER, because for me this kind a job is only: “READ to BE SALARIED”, but If I found any Idea or Innovation for READ this information, who is going to decide that MY GOOD idea for the company is NOT THE WRONG POLICY for this company.
    In other words: “WHAT AT&T WANTS to be salaried for them” ???

    • Glen Smith

      Not a job in itself. A driver of ideas is one understands the value of an idea at the conceptual level (innovative) and is able to show that value to his superiors (sales talent), knows what resources required to bring the idea into reality (read project manager talent) and has the ability to marshal those resources in a way that can implement the idea (technical skills, technical leadership and project management talent). While this sounds great, in 15+ years of IT, I have yet to find a company that really wants too many people like this because most companies hate change, especially when it comes from the bottom up.

      • Jimmy Lozano

        THANK YOU to show my theory is true:

        “”Not a job in itself.””

        Once again, I can Probe that many articles from Dice and particularly this one, CAN NOT HELP TO FIND A REAL JOB. It is waste of time and cost money for them, but this are THEIR POLICIES.

        By the way… good comments and well explained

        from this sentence:
        “” I have yet to find a company that really wants too many people like this because most companies hate change, especially when it comes from the bottom up.””
        Please let me know when you find the “good company”, I’ll appreciated so much because I’m Unemployment Right Now 🙂