Why People Leave Their Jobs and You May Too

Rarely do people leave jobs they love. They usually quit jobs over some annoyance. When they’re irritated they start looking for a new opportunity. Sound like You?

Here’s what some job seekers at the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco had to say about what they hated most about their last job:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPKxK0KPp9c&w=560&h=349]

Notice how no one says, “I left because I hated how poorly I was being paid.”

Instead, most everyone complained about micro-managers, lack of recognition and an inability to grow within an organization. Have you had a similar experience at one of your last jobs?

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  1. Fred Bosick

    It’s easy to claim that no one gripes about pay when the interviewee clips are specially selected! Is that supposed to mollify the companies who buy job ads here but are intent on hiring particular visa holders no matter who applies?

    • Glen Smith

      Well, most of the time when you hear things like “no room for growth” or “lack of recognition” it probably could be best translated as “they don’t pay me what I’m worth” or some variation. A few may realize their current employer CAN’T pay them more because they AREN’T worth much more than their paid (your employer evaluates your worth not you). In interview clips such as this, you will rarely hear someone actually say something like “my current employer doesn’t pay me what I’m worth”. I suspect it is somewhat akin to why the places with the highest suicide rates also often show up as the happiest places: people feel they should give the “expected” answer, even in anonymous situations (and even less so in such a situation as in a video). Of course, after salary, I bet that some employees would like fewer hours (maybe even at the cost of a few thousand in compensation). Any other reason is usually BS though not always.

    • Fred, I interviewed about 40 people and surprisingly no one said they left because of pay. For the future, you should know when I create these compilation videos I always try to put together the sentiment of what people were saying. I don’t have any other ulterior motive.