July 2012 Dice Report: Top 10 Tech Talent Gaps

Sourcing and hiring certain hard-to-find, skilled technology professionals continues to be a battle.

The most difficult to secure among today’s pool of tech candidates: Java developers, mobile developers, .NET developers and software developers. These, and many others on Dice’s list of top 10 difficult-to-find positions, have ranked high each time we’ve asked America’s tech hiring managers and recruiters for their toughest openings to fill.

This raises a particular question: Why isn’t the market fixing the talent gaps?

Find out what’s causing the same tech skills to stay in high demand and low supply, month after month.

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One Response to “July 2012 Dice Report: Top 10 Tech Talent Gaps”

  1. RealityCheckPlease

    Most candidates with heavy Java are from India. But they are all here on H1B visas – so suck it up and sponsor them or stop whining. I assume outsourcing created that gap to begin with: you reap what you sow. Mobile developers are another chapter in an old, old story. The same was true for C, then C++. You can’t have a whole new technology go from seedling to a forest in 2-3 years and expect to find candidates. How about training existing developers in Mobile? It’s got to be done eventually. Better to bit the bullet now that wait for a magic one to appear, because it isn’t going to happen.