Windows 8 Gets Release Date

It’s official: Windows 8 has a target release date. Speaking at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Windows Vice President Tami Reller said that Windows 8 would be on store shelves in October 2012.

Windows 8 represents a major shift for Microsoft, focusing much more on locking down the operating system itself and coordinating the desktop and tablet experience. Reflecting current trends, Windows 8 uses an app store for installing applications and focuses heavily on touch screen use. As with any major UI shift in Windows, the switch to a more mobile-friendly interface has caused controversy.

In addition, the development environment for Windows has seen a major update, with developers now having to manage both the mobile-oriented environment and the traditional desktop environment.

The effects of the Windows overhaul will come starting in October, as Windows 8 hits the market and we begin to see early adoption numbers.

Windows 8 is coming…are you ready?