Microsoft’s Bing is Hiring [DiceTV]


Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Bing operations is hiring. And I have the lowdown on what it takes to get one of these 15 Bing job openings in development, testing and program management. This information came straight from a hiring manager at Microsoft and begins with these three things that every interested applicant should know.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Cat, no interest in a Mr. Softy position. However I would like to give out some info about one of my recent interviews. I had a phone interview for a web development position with a Fortune 50 company. It was one of the best interviews in which I have ever had. My summation of the interview will take about as long as the interview lasted. We had about 30 seconds of small talk, he then asked me about a challenging project. I spewed out a few things and talked for about five minutes. He said okay do you have any questions for me? At that point I figured I was either toast or good to go. I did ask a few questions and the conversation ended in less than 15 minutes. It was offered and I took the job.

    My reason for calling it one of the best interviews was because the interviewer did not waste our time asking me any of those foolish technical questions. He, like me, could learn enough about a person in a ten minute to determine if he can do the job. Kudos to him.

  2. J. Spencer

    I am not sure anyone should bother for only 15 coveted slots. But I did recommend Microsoft to a colleague who was top notch and he went to Seattle and got hired. But, he was MENSA material, a true overachiever from junior high through college and sharper than anyone else that worked at our high tech software company. (For example, he got his Master’s Degree taking night classes while holding down a full time job doing complicated tech support work for us.) He also self taught himself Java and ASP in his spare time between calls (thus the “overachiever” tag).

    Even HE found the MS interview and testing process very daunting. BTW, the fellow I am talking about DID GET HIRED, and last I checked worked for MS as a Project Manager and was traveling the world, and loved it tremendously. So, don’t think me a negative Nellie – I told him to “go for it” because he was that good. But, most folks wouldn’t have the chops. Most above average and even excellent people wont stand a chance, as these slots are given only to the VERY BEST OF THE VERY BEST OF THE VERY BEST!

    Others would be better off to go start the next Microsoft than chase this pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Seriously.

  3. Frank Evans

    I recently graduated with my MBA in concentration of Project management, looking to get into the field, and would love to work for Microsoft, all my resume reads is education, and technician jobs at a casino, I want to use this to get me into Microsoft, is it possible, it is a tough market out there.

    • Hi Jon –

      Companies can’t consider age as a factor in their hiring decision, so there aren’t any requirements listed in that area. I’m not saying that don’t factor it in anyway, but all you can do is decide whether a job seems right for you and go for it.