eBay Senior Recruiter Touts Top Reasons to Join Company

One comment job seekers repeatedly say they want from their next gig is to see the results of their hard work and believe in what they’re doing. Sound familiar?

eBay’s senior technical recruiter says the ecommerce giant can deliver on that mark.

The company’s engineers and IT staff not only see the results of their hard work, but also have an opportunity to use the products they build, simply by buying and selling stuff on eBay and paying for it with PayPal, says Alan Cole, eBay’s senior technical recruiter, during a recent technology career fair in San Francisco.

“It’s better than building a product you don’t want to use, like a nuclear bomb,” says Cole.

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eBay vs. Silicon Valley Start-ups

In the past three years, eBay’s stock price has gone from $10 a share to $40, Cole says, adding that it also has gobs of money in the bank. That comment is a little dig at Bay Area startups, which often survive only as long as the venture capital money continues to flow in.

Another advantage of working at eBay is its network of properties, such as PayPal, Shopping.com, StubHub, and GSI Commerce. An interested employee can easily jump from one company to another.

And where is eBay trolling around for IT talent? Cole points to aggressive recruiting at college campuses and stealing great talent from competitors. Oops, hope those competitors aren’t listening…

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